Sneh Lata Verma

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Pancreatic endocrine neoplasms are rare pancreatic tumours that may occur sporadically or as part of inherited syndromes such as multiple endocrine neoplasia-1 syndrome, von Recklinghausen disease, von Hippel-Lindau syndrome and tuberous sclerosis complex. Recent advances in the genetics and pathology of hereditary syndromes have provided valuable insights(More)
IgG and IgM class of antibodies to measles virus were estimated in the plasma samples of 211 unvaccinated infants living under overcrowded conditions in Pune, Maharashtra. IgG antibodies to measles virus, in high titres, were detected in 52.1 per cent and IgM antibodies in 31.3 per cent of the infants studied. Most of the infants with IgM antibodies to(More)
INTRODUCTION The extraction of premolars as a practical form of orthodontic therapy has been accepted for many years, but there remains a controversy regarding the effect of premolar extraction to improve esthetics as well as dentoskeletal relationship. The esthetic impact of the soft-tissue profile might play a major role in deciding on premolar extraction(More)
BACKGROUND The extraction of teeth for orthodontic purpose has always been a controversial subject in the speciality. The aesthetics impact of the soft-tissue profile might play a key role in deciding on premolar extraction or non-extraction (NE) treatment, particularly in borderline patients. The purpose of this cephalometric study was to examine the(More)
The purpose of this article is to report the management of a transmigrated mandibular canine with emphasis on saving the tooth as natural part rather than surgical removal of the transmigrated tooth. There are several treatment options proposed for impacted mandibular canines including surgical removal, exposure and orthodontic alignment, intra-alveolar(More)
Class III malocclusions are considered to be one of the most difficult problems to treat. Establishment of the treatment plan is based on the efficacy and thoughtful application by the clinician and easy acceptance by the patient. We are presenting a case report of an adult male patient with skeletal Class III malocclusion who was treated by orthosurgical(More)