Snežana Miljković

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INTRODUCTION The quality of life is a multidimensional concept, which is best expressed by the subjective well-being. Evaluation of the quality of life is the basis for measuring the well-being, and the determination of factors that determine the quality of life quality is the basis for its improvement. OBJECTIVE To evaluate and assess the determinants of(More)
For a final diagnosis of brain death one needs particular proof that the brain has fully stopped functioning. In this respect, diagnostic tests need to be used to confirm the clinical findings. Since in different countries there are various national guidelines for the determination of brain death, the aim of this study is to point to the diagnostic value of(More)
INTRODUCTION Reproductive health of women is determined by females' demographic and socio-economic characteristics, their behaviour, and the complex of environmental factors. OBJECTIVE The paper examines the predictive impact of personal and environmental characteristics, health and healthcare characteristics regarding the most important aspects of(More)
Screen-based media are becoming an increasingly important part of life for today’s children and adolescents. That is why our purpose was to review the literature published within the past 10 years regarding the use and impact of TV, video game, and computer /Internet on youth health outcomes including how they affect their psychosocial outcomes and physical(More)
INTRODUCTION Any research of reproductive health has to encompass the relevant connotations of this complex term. In order to establish relevant multidimensional characteristics, it is necessary to assess intercorrelations of the characteristics most commonly used to describe it. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to describe the characteristics of reproductive health(More)
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