Snait B. Gissis

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There has been a widely perceived sense of a contemporary resurgence of the category of race in western genetics, epidemiology and medicine. In what follows, some important American and British journals in these fields are surveyed for their content from 1946-2003, with the aim of comparatively tracing the use of the race category among American, British(More)
This paper looks at the conditions of the emergence of "race" as a new scientific category during the eighteenth century, arguing that two modes of discourse and visualization played a significant role: that on society, civility, and civilization -- as found principally in the travel literature -- and that on nature, as found in natural history writings,(More)
Mendel introduced a reductionist methodology to the study of inheritance. By 1900, reduction of biology to the laws of chemistry and physics was not self evident: Although developmental bottom-up preformation was largely inadequate, organismic epigenetic hypotheses often fall prey to metaphysical assumptions. The achievements of Mendel’s reductive research(More)
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