Smriti Agrawal

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Although majority of the genes linked to early-onset cataract exhibit lens fiber cell-enriched expression, our understanding of gene regulation in these cells is limited to function of just eight transcription factors and largely in the context of crystallins. We report on small Maf transcription factors Mafg and Mafk as regulators of several non-crystallin(More)
This paper integrates energy management with fault tolerance for real time systems. A typical system composed of a processor (frequency dependent) and peripheral devices (frequency independent) when operates in harsh environmental conditions may collapse due to occurrence of transient faults or shortage of battery backup. The fault tolerance is achieved via(More)
Microarray-based profiling represents an effective method to analyze cellular or tissue-specific gene expression on the genome-level. However, in comparative analyses between control and mutant samples, microarrays often identify a large number of differentially expressed genes, in turn making it challenging to isolate the select "high-priority candidates"(More)
In a system several processes may compete for a finite number of resources. A process request resources; and if the resources are not available at that time, it enters a wait state and may never execute. This paper aims to present a resource allocation algorithm that ensures that the requested resources are made available to the processes while incurring(More)
In multiprocessor environment when processes content for system resources, Deadlocks may occur. Deadlock is highly undesirable as it degrades the system performance largely. This paper aims to present technique to facilitate the resource allocation decision. It also strives to reduce the time cost for making this decision. It presents a Total Need Based(More)
This paper aims to present a three phase scheduling algorithm that offers lesser energy consumption for weakly hard real time systems modeled with (í µíµží µíµží µíµží µíµž, í µíµœí µíµœí µíµœí µíµœ) constraint. The weakly hard real time system consists of a DVS processor (frequency dependent) and peripheral devices (frequency independent) components. The(More)
This paper presents multi budget bandwidth preserving server (MBBPS) to improve the quality of service in terms of better responsiveness of the aperiodic task by utilizing the concept of multi budget and multi priority of the server while ensure the feasibility of periodic task at the same time. Feasibility analysis is done at offline by assigning the(More)
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