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—Assimilation of drifter data in a circulation model of the Indian Ocean has been explored in the study. Assimilation has been effected using the approach of nudging. The impact of such assimilation has been quantified by comparing the sea level anomalies simulated in runs with and without assimilation against independent observations derived by satellites.(More)
Indian Ocean exhibits characteristically different patterns of SSS in its different subregions, the study area has been divided into different such subregions. The SMOS-derived SSS appears to be of very good quality in the equatorial Indian Ocean and southern Indian Ocean, while the data are of poorer quality in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal(More)
One of the most severe impairments that affect coherent optical systems employing high-order modulation formats is phase noise due to transmit and receive lasers. The vulnerable sensitivity to laser linewidth induced inter-carrier interference (ICI) has long been recognized as a major problem to coherent optical orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing(More)
—Ensemble optimal interpolation, a simplified and computationally inexpensive version of ensemble Kalman filter, has been used to assimilate satellite-derived sea level anomaly and sea surface temperature in an Indian Ocean circulation model. In order to cut off the long-range spurious covariances, a localization technique has also been used where an(More)
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