Smitha N. Pai

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Enhancing the network life, transmitting and receiving the data periodically are essential for any application. In this paper we are trying to enhance the network life by working on various layers. To enhance the network life hexagonal topology is chosen. Simulation parameters are chosen for agricultural application. Reducing the control signal in the(More)
Sensors placed in agricultural field should have long network life. Failure of node or link allows rerouting and establishing a new path from the source to the sink. In this paper, a new path is established such that it is energy aware during path discovery and is active for longer interval of time once it is established. The parameters used for simulation(More)
Sensors used in applications such as agriculture, weather , etc., monitoring physical parameters like soil moisture, temperature, humidity, will have to sustain their battery power for long intervals of time. In order to accomplish this, parameter which assists in reducing the consumption of power from battery need to be attended to. One of the factors(More)
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