Smitha Dharan

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BACKGROUND Needs for mental health care are likely to be high in urban areas. Purchasers must assess the extent to which these are being met. The pathways to care model provides a framework for this purpose. METHOD Epidemiological surveys of adults living in deprived multi-ethnic inner-city catchment area were undertaken in psychiatric services, primary(More)
BACKGROUND In addition to clinical and service factors, planners need to take account of the influence of demographic variables, especially ethnicity, on access to mental health care. METHOD Estimated prevalence rates were calculated from epidemiological surveys undertaken in three settings: psychiatric services, primary care and the general population.(More)
Microarray technology demands the development of data mining algorithms for extracting useful and novel patterns. A bicluster of a gene expression dataset is a local pattern such that the genes in the bicluster exhibit similar expression patterns through a subset of conditions. In this study biclusters are detected in two steps. In the first step high(More)
Biclustering algorithms belong to a distinct class of clustering algorithms that perform simultaneous clustering of both rows and columns of the gene expression matrix and can be a very useful analysis tool when some genes have multiple functions and experimental conditions are diverse. Cheng and Church have introduced a measure called mean squared residue(More)
Biclustering algorithms perform simultaneous row and column clustering of a given data matrix. In gene expression dataset a bicluster is a subset of genes that exhibit similar expression patterns through a subset of conditions. Biclustering is a useful data mining technique for identifying local patterns from gene expression data. In this paper biclusters(More)
Shadows create significant problems in many computer vision and image analysis tasks such as object recognition, object tracking, and image segmentation. For a machine, it is very difficult to distinguish between a shadow and a real object. As a result, an object recognition system may incorrectly recognize a shadow region as an object. So the detection of(More)
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