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Satellite altimetric observations of the ocean reveal surface pressure patterns in the core of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) that propagate downstream (eastward) but slower than the mean surface current by about 25%. The authors argue that these observations are suggestive of baroclinically unstable waves that have a steering level at a depth of(More)
  • James T Polynomials, Smith
  • 1986
For any real coefficients a 0 , a 1 , ... , a n with n $ 0 and a n ' = 0, the function p defined by setting p(x) = a 0 + a 1 x + AAA + a n x n for all real x is called a real polynomial of degree n. Often, we write n = degree p and call a n its leading coefficient. The constant function with value zero is regarded as a real polynomial of degree –1. For each(More)
The thesis advanced by this dissertation is that convex sets of probability distributions provide a powerful representational framework for decision making activities in Robotics and Artiicial Intelligence. The primary contribution of this dissertation is the development of algorithms for inference and estimation in two domains. The rst domain is robustness(More)
As in the midlatitude atmosphere, midocean eddies are primarily generated by baroclinically unstable mean currents. In contrast to the atmosphere, however, oceanic currents are significantly nonzonal. Even weak nonzonal currents are linearly unstable since ␤ does not suppress growing meridional waves. Theories for the nonlinear equilibration of baroclinic(More)
This paper examines the factors determining the distribution, length scale, magnitude, and structure of me-soscale oceanic eddies in an eddy-resolving primitive equation simulation of the Southern Ocean [Modeling Eddies in the Southern Ocean (MESO)]. In particular, the authors investigate the hypothesis that the primary source of mesoscale eddies is(More)
We describe techniques that enable fabrication of a new class of photonic devices based on free UH-Q microresonators. Preliminary results show that free silica microtoroids with Qs above 30 million can be fabricated and transferred to different platforms for integration with a variety of photonic devices. Very high-order microring resonator filters for WDM(More)
Acknowledgements My advisor, Mike Gasser, has been a steady innuence throughout my graduate career. During our frequent meetings, Mike always seemed to ooer just the right amount of direction. He allowed me to work independently, but quickly provided encouragement and advice when I got oo track. I would also like to express my thanks to the rest of my(More)
An observational, modeling, and theoretical study of the scales, growth rates, and spectral fluxes of baro-clinic instability in the ocean is presented, permitting a discussion of the relation between the local instability scale; the first baroclinic deformation scale R def ; and the equilibrated, observed eddy scale. The geography of the large-scale,(More)