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Abnormalities in white-matter (WM) microstructure, as lower fractional anisotropy (FA), have been reported in adolescent-onset bipolar disorder and in youth at familial risk for bipolarity. We sought to determine whether healthy adolescents with subthreshold bipolar symptoms (SBP) would have early WM microstructural alterations and whether those alterations(More)
  • Biran A, Smith L, Lines J, Cameron M
  • 2008
Indoor air pollution from the domestic use of biomass fuels by poor households in developing countries is known to be harmful to health and efforts are being made to address this problem by changes in fuel type, stove technology, house design and fuel-use practices. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that smoke may play an important role by providing(More)
  • Pastagia M, Euler C, +273 authors Deorari A K
  • 2011
Quantification of activated and total caspase-14 with newly developed ELISA systems in normal and atopic skin. Documentation of normal stratum corneum scaling in an average population: features of differences among age, ethnicity and body site. Iontophoresis mediated in vivo intradermal delivery of terbinafine hydrochloride. Comparison of tape stripping(More)
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