Smita Tiwari

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India currently has the largest number of indoor air pollution-related health problems in the world, with three-quarters of its households burning wood, cowdung, or crop residues ("traditional" biomass fuels) for cooking, and the remainder using kerosene and relatively clean-burning liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Combustion of these fuels produces various(More)
The present research paper contribution is organized in two folds. First focus is on the basics of data-centric approach for WSN. As well as the first fold focuses on the most popular existing flat-based/data centric WSN-specific. Finally the second fold presents an analytical comparison table of some existing flat-based/data centric WSN-specific routing(More)
INTRODUCTION The indoor hospital use of antibiotic irrationally has been a growing concern in the recent past. For the patients and providers of health care services this kind of drug consumption account for a major chunk of the budget. AIM To assess the outcome of restriction on the use of parenteral antibiotics with respect to their utilization and(More)
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