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Eccrine porocarcinoma (EPC) is a potentially lethal neoplasm of the skin that arises from the intraepidermal portion of the eccrine sweat glands. It was previously known as eccrine adenocarcinoma or malignant eccrine poroma. It commonly occurs between 60 to 80 years of age, usually arising from hands and feet. However, few case reports on involvement of(More)
Malignant tumors rarely metastasize to the oral cavity and account for about 1% of all oral tumors. Metastasis to soft-tissue of the oral cavity is much rarer than jaw bones. Because of the rarity, metastatic tumors in the oral region are challenging for diagnosis. Primary tumors which metastasize to mouth are the most commonly lung, breast, and kidney.(More)
INTRODUCTION Dengue affects more than 50 million people per year and is one of the most common causes of severe thrombocytopaenia. Thrombocytopaenia is a common complication of dengue and other viral fevers apart from malaria, typhoid, leptospirosis, leukaemia and megaloblastic anaemia. A platelet count of <20,000/μl is characteristically seen in dengue(More)
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