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Osteomas are benign lesions composed of mature compact and cancellous bone usually arising from craniofacial region. They can be central or peripheral, solitary or multiple. We are presenting few cases of giant peripheral osteoma's of the mandible along with review literature of other jaw lesions with their diagnostic features and differential diagnosis.(More)
Thyroglossal duct cysts are most common midline congenital swelling in head and neck region. It results from incomplete involution of thyroglossal duct. They present as midline painless swelling in neck. We have studied variation in their presentation. The retrospective study carried out in department of ENT in Gandhi Medical College Bhopal from Jan 2009 to(More)
Hoarseness is subjective term used to describe abnormal voice quality which may occur due to many causes because it is just a symptom. Proper knowledge and clinicopathological profile is important to treat the underlying pathology. This prospective study was carried out in 100 patients presented in Department of ENT, Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal from(More)
Nasal allergy is characterized by an IgE mediated inflammatory response of nasal mucosa to allergens and it has a close association with Asthma. Nasal allergy has been demonstrated to be a strong risk factor for the onset of asthma in adults. Spirometric parameters like Forced expiratory volume at timed interval of 1 s (FEV1) and forced expiratory flow(More)
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