Smita S. Chavan

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Image Steganography is an art and science of unseen communication. Image steganography technique is widely used to secure information utilized for covert communication, featured tagging, copyright protection, military agencies and for many more applications related to secure communications. Image steganography using transforms shows more robustness against(More)
Global measures to eradicate polio began in 1988; as of 2014, four of six World Health Organization (WHO) regions have been certified polio-free. Within the two endemic regions (African and Eastern Mediterranean), Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan have never interrupted transmission of wild poliovirus (WPV) (1). The primary means of detecting poliovirus(More)
In this paper, orthogonal transforms with their wavelet transforms and Hybrid wavelet transforms are proposed to be used for image steganography using Kekre, Walsh and Sine transforms. Transform domain techniques performs better in case of attacks on stego image. A set of 10 Cover images for hiding 10 multifarious message images has been used for(More)
Homomorphic Encryption enables us to perform operations on encrypted data without decrypting it. This method is well suited for enhancing the performance and security where the cloud service providers wouldn’t have access to the user’s data. A Fully homomorphic encryption is still challenged and is proposed with improved methods for its improved efficiency(More)
  • Priyanka B. Kutade, Parul S. Arora Bhalotra, +12 authors Po-Yueh Chen
  • 2015
Steganography is an art of concealing the fact with the purpose of communication, by hiding one information in other information. In steganography, many different carrier file formats are used now days, but the digital images are most popular for hiding information because of their frequency on Internet. There is a large variety of techniques of(More)
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