Smita Nimbalkar-Patil

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This case report demonstrates sequential periodontic, orthodontic and prosthodontic treatment modalities to save and restore deep horizontally fractured maxillary central incisor. The location of fracture was deep in the mucosa which reveals less than 2 mm of tooth structure to receive the crown. The procedures like surgical crown lengthening, endodontic(More)
INTRODUCTION The maxillomandibular relationship (MMR) record is a critical step to establish the new occlusion in implant supported complete mouth rehabilitation. Using patients existing denture for recording the MMR requires implant definitive cast to be modified extensively to completely seat the denture (with unaltered flanges) on it. This may influence(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate effect of ice-cream stick exercise regimen with or without a mouth-exercising device (MED) on mucosal burning sensation in oral submucous fibrosis. STUDY DESIGN In total, 282 patients with oral submucous fibrosis were treated with topical corticosteroid and oral antioxidant and the ice-cream stick exercise regimen. Patients in(More)
BACKGROUND Oral physiotherapy or mouth exercise is considered to be an adjunct but mandatory treatment modality for oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF). This study planned to evaluate the clinical efficacy of a newly designed mouth exercising device (MED) in OSMF patients receiving local ointment, intra-lesional drugs and surgical treatment. MATERIALS AND(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate microleakage when two types of retainer wires were bonded with two light cured and a self cured lingual retainer composites. MATERIALS AND METHODS Total 120 freshly extracted human mandibular incisor teeth were collected and separated into six subgroups of 20 teeth each. Two different wires, a 0.036 inch hard round stainless steel(More)
INTRODUCTION Recording of the maxillomandibular relationship (MMR) in implant complete arch restorations usually necessitates removal of the healing abutments to attach the record bases, which makes the procedures tedious and time-consuming. MATERIALS AND METHODS This article describes the procedure of recording of MMR for complete mouth rehabilitation(More)
Various tools are used with a dental surveyor, including analyzing rods, carbon markers, undercut gauges, and protective sheaths for a specific function. A carbon marker is a parallel-sided carbon rod used to mark the survey line on a cast or a crown on a cast. The carbon marker (with or without protective sheath) cannot differentiate more than one survey(More)
INTRODUCTION Maxillary obturator prosthesis is more frequent treatment modality than surgical reconstruction for maxillectomy in patients suffering from oral cancer. The obturators often become heavy and hence are hollowed out in the defect portion to reduce its weight as a standard practice. MATERIALS AND METHODS The processing technique described the(More)