Smita Chauhan

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Endodermal sinus tumor (or Yolk Sac tumor) of the vagina is a rare malignant germcell tumor which is seen exclusively in children younger than 3 years of age. We report two cases of endodermal sinus tumor of the vagina. In both cases no radiological investigation was done and serum alpha-fetoprotein was elevated. The histopathological examination of both(More)
BACKGROUND The antenatal health-care given to pregnant women has great influence on the rates of perinatal death and morbidity. Amongst the different causes of perinatal mortality, low birth weight (LBW) is the single most significant factor therefore placenta from all the LBW babies (LBWB) should be examined routinely to find out the likely cause. AIMS(More)
Pure myoepithelioma of breast is an extremely rare tumor. Only a few cases have been reported in the literature so far. A 30-year old female presented with a large fungating mass arising from the areolar region of her right breast of six months duration. A clinical diagnosis of breast carcinoma was made and a mastectomy was performed. The specimen measured(More)
Abstract- Schwannomas are tumors derived from Schwann cells. They are usually small and comparatively rare on scalp. A 25-year old woman presented with huge mass on posterior side of the scalp that gave the appearance of 'double-head'. The mass was excised and reconstruction was achieved by primary closure. Histology proved to be a benign schwannoma. The(More)
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