Smiline Girija

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Chromatographic characterization and the GC-MS evaluation of the black pigmented ink of Loligo duvauceli in the present study have yielded an array of bioactive compounds with potent antimicrobial property. Facing an alarm of antimicrobial resistance globally, a need for elucidating antimicrobial agents from natural sources will be the need for the hour. In(More)
  • M Ramya, S Girija, M Bharathy, Devi, S Gnanavel
  • 2014
In recent advances the high speed video transmission over the wireless network has gained popularity among the users. To gain the improved quality of the video on the receiver side without time delay on multiple users accessing the server at the same time is being the challenging task. To transmit the video on wireless network the VIDEO ON DEMAND (VoD)(More)
Strongyloides stercoralis is an intestinal nematode producing mild infection in the immunocompetent and fatal hyperinfection syndrome in the immunocompromised. An elderly HIV-negative male presented with symptoms of chronic respiratory disease and vague abdominal symptoms. Examination of sputum and stools showed larvae of S. stercoralis. Bacterial and(More)
Face recognition system has emerged as an important field in case of surveillance systems. Since three dimensional imaging systems have reached a notable growth, we consider 3D image for face recognition. Occlusions(extraneous objects that hinder face recognition e.g., scarf, glass, beard etc.,) are one of the greatest challenges in face recognition(More)
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