Smeeta Shrestha

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The prevalence of diabetes and adiposity has increased at an alarming rate and together they contribute to the rise in morbidity and mortality worldwide. Genetic studies till date have succeeded in explaining only a proportion of heritability, while a major component remains unexplained. Early life determinants of future risk of these diseases are likely(More)
Homozygosity has long been associated with rare, often devastating, Mendelian disorders, and Darwin was one of the first to recognize that inbreeding reduces evolutionary fitness. However, the effect of the more distant parental relatedness that is common in modern human populations is less well understood. Genomic data now allow us to investigate the(More)
AIM Altered maternal one-carbon metabolism influences placental DNA methylation patterns and 'programs' the fetus for noncommunicable diseases in adult life. EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES Levels of plasma folate, vitamin B12, homocysteine, mRNA and protein levels of MTHFR and MTR enzymes in placenta were compared among women delivering preterm (n = 83) and term(More)
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