Smail Mahdi

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In this paper we describe and present results on the parameter point estimation for the scale and threshold parameters of the Rayleigh distribution. Five estimating methods have been investigated, namely, the maximum likelihood, the method of moment, the probability weighted moments method, the least square method and the least absolute deviation method.(More)
We derive here estimators for the parameters of the Gumbel distribution using three estimating methods, namely, the probability weighted moments, the moment and the maximum likelihood methods. Furthermore, we compare the performance of these estimators using simulations. Both integer and non-integer orders are considered in the probability weighted moments(More)
Inference for detecting the existence of an association between a diallelic marker and a trait locus is based on the chi-squared statistic with one degree of freedom. For polymorphic markers with m alleles (m > 2), three approaches are mainly used in practice. First, one may use Pearson's chi-squared statistic with mÿ 1 degrees of freedom (d.f.) but this(More)
The R package groc for generalized regression on orthogonal components contains functions for the prediction of q responses using a set of p predictors. The primary building block is the grid algorithm used to search for components (projections of the data) which are most dependent on the response. The package offers flexibility in the choice of the(More)
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