Smadar Kedar

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Almost any information you might want is becoming available on-line. The problem is how to find what you need. One strategy to improve access to existing information sources, is intelligent information agents-an approach based on extensive representation and inference. Another alternative is to simply concentrate on better information organization and(More)
This paper describes the Entropy Reduction Engine, an architecture for the integration of planning, scheduling, and control. The architecture is motivated, presented, and analyzed in terms of its different components; namely, problem reduction, temporal projection, and situated control rule execution. Experience with this architecture has motivated the(More)
Conceptual information retrieval systems use structured document indices, domain knowledge and a set of heuristic retrieval strategies to match user queries with a set of indices describing the document's content. Such retrieval strategies increase the set of relevant documents retrieved (increase recall), but at the expense of returning additional(More)
Without represen(a[icsn multimedia will not happen. Computers tire basically deaf, blind, and ignorant, and will remain so for quite some time. Only by creating representations for media con[ent will we be able to construct large, robust multimedia sys[ems that support content-based manipulation of video, audio, and images. Yet the research community that(More)
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