Slobodanka Vukosavić

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Psychotic-like behaviour was induced in rats with a single i.p. injection of AMPH (20 mg/kg b.w.) and/or PCP (10 mg/kg b.w.). The D1 and D2 dopamine receptor (DAR) specific binding of [3H]SCH 23390 and [3H]spiperone, respectively, during the 120 min period upon the treatment was examined on cryosections using computerized scanning and image analysis. AMPH,(More)
Huntington disease (HD) is a well-defined autosomal dominant neurodegenerative disease caused by CAG repeat expansions in HD gene. There are a significant number of HD cases where this mutation was not found and such cases are named HD-like phenotype (HDL). This article reports 48 patients with HDL phenotype. Patients were analyzed on the presence of(More)
The distribution of GM1 and GM3 gangliosides in human brain development between gestational week (g.w.) 6 and 15 was demonstrated by an immunocytochemical approach using polyclonal anti-GM1 and anti-GM3 antibodies. The first appearance of GM1- and GM3-positive cells was recorded as early as in g.w.6. Both antibodies labeled the cells in the ventricular zone(More)
OBJECTIVES Myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1) is caused by large expansions of cytosine-thymine-guanine (CTG)-repeats in myotonic dystrophy protein kinase (DMPK)-gene. This gene is highly polymorphic in healthy individuals. It has been proposed that expanded alleles originated from the group of large sized normal alleles. If this is correct, one should expect(More)
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