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The cerebellum, even when not directly damaged, is potentially interesting for understanding the adaptive responses to brain injury. Cerebellar electrocortical activity (ECoG) in rats was studied using spectral and fractal analysis after single and repeated unilateral injury of the parietal cortex. Local field potentials of cerebellar paravermal cortex were(More)
Aluminium interferes with a variety of cellular metabolic processes in the mammalian nervous system and its intake might increase a risk of developing Alzheimer's disease (AD). While cerebral involvement even at the early stages of intoxication is well known, the role of cerebellum is underestimated. Our aim was to investigate cerebral and cerebellar(More)
The features of rat cerebral and cerebellar electrocortical activity (ECoG) under different types of anaesthesia (nembutal, ketamine or zoletil) were examined by the distribution of spectral entropy across frequency bands of ECoG and by calculation of fractal dimension determined on the basis of Higuchi's algorithm. Spectral entropy, as a measure of(More)
Fetal pain remains a controversial subject both in terms of recognizing its existence and the time-frame within which it appears. This article investigates the hypothesis that pain perception during development is not related to any determined structures of the central nervous system (CNS), on the contrary, the process of perception could be made with any(More)
PURPOSE The aims of the study were to measure the social competence of well-functioning adolescents with epilepsy and compare it with that of their healthy peers as well as to analyze the effects of epilepsy-related variables on the social competence. METHODS Ninety well-functioning adolescents with epilepsy 12-19years of age were compared with healthy(More)
Analysis of qualitative indicators of stability of the body during different types of locomotion in primates suggests that bipedal locomotion is not variation of some other type of locomotion. Transition from quadrupedal to bipedal locomotion is accompanied by a qualitative difference in body stability. Because of assuming an upright bipedal posture, the(More)
The study aimed to investigate the type and etiology of epileptic seizures and the use of antiepileptic drugs for the treatment of various forms of epileptic seizures among adolescents with active but uncomplicated epilepsy at a tertiary referral center in Novi Sad, Serbia. The study design was cross sectional. Data were obtained from patients and medical(More)
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