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Hypervelocity ballistic reference models as experimental supersonic test cases
Abstract Hypervelocity ballistic reference wind tunnel models are of interest to researchers in the field of high-speed aerodynamics, both as the means to validate the measurement chains in windExpand
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Dispersion reduction of artillery rockets guided by flight path steering method
Artillery rockets are sensitive to disturbances (total impulse variation, wind, thrust misalignment, etc.). As the range of ground-to-ground rockets increases, the accuracy of free flight rocketsExpand
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Air to ground rocket dispersion minimization
Dispersion of the impact points of the unguided rockets is a consequence of disturbances, such as thrust misalignments, rocket asymmety, manufactoring inacuracy, etc. Infuence of some disturbancesExpand
New categories of historical sources, E-mail and forum: Internet communication and history
The text is related to changes in the communication system and its influence on the historical research. Until recently research of persons, private life or his understanding of every day’s lifeExpand
Internet Archive e nuove tipologie di fonti storiche
Lo studio si occupa della specificita delle nuove tipologie di fonti storiche di tipo elettronico (pagine web, collezioni digitalizzate dei documenti, posta elettronica, blog, database ecc.) e delleExpand
Tail Flare vs Fins in the Design of a Subcaliber Projectile
A typical aerodynamic configuration of a subcaliber projectile is composed of a slender body with a small cross-sectional area and fins at the rear part of the projectile. Projectile fins requireExpand