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OBJECTIVE To determine the progress in the development and implementation of health policies on a county level resulting from the learning-by-doing training provided through the County Public Health Capacity Building Program started in 2001 in Croatia. METHODS Modular training using management tools, public health theory and practice, and SMDP's Healthy(More)
  • S Lang
  • 1999
This paper presents improvements of the humanitarian proposals of the Challenge of Goodness project published earlier (1). In 1999 Kosovo crisis, these proposals were checked in practice. The priority was again on the practical intervention - helping people directly - to prevent, stop, and ease suffering. Kosovo experience also prompted us to modify the(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate the program of education of women for breast self-examination (BSE) in general practice. A random sample of 5% of women over 18 years of age, living in Dugave (a suburb in Novi Zagreb) were chosen for the study. The study covered 251 women of whom 122 (48.6%) presented for BSE training. Women were taught about BSE by the(More)
The aim of the study was to establish whether the physicians' strike, which took place in Croatia in 2003, had an impact on the mortality of the population. Mortality data from the National Bureau of Statistics relating to the strike period (15 January - 14 February 2003) were selected and compared with the previous and subsequent periods of the same(More)
Using moral and empirical analysis, we analyzed and discussed the role of public health in prevention of war as well as its function during and after the war. The idea is to develop a theory and new strategy in the spirit of public health to improve practices in preserving and strengthening peace, to be prepared for the future. The experiences from the last(More)
  • S Lang
  • 1998
Based on the 1991-1995 war experience of peoples of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, I made twelve proposals regarding the following aspects of health, humanitarian work, and human rights: 1. Broadening of the WHO definition of health by including spiritual well-being (absence of hatred) in it, 2. Inclusion of the term genocide into the Index Medicus(More)