Slobodan Jovanovic

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Project management (PM) landscaping is continually changing in the IT industry. Working with the small teams and often with the limited budgets, while facing frequent changes in the business requirements, project managers are under continuous pressure to deliver fast turnarounds. Following the demands of the IT project management, leaders in this industry(More)
A regional survey of the complex tritrophic associations (parasitoid-aphid-plant) of aphid parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae) was carried out to determine and explore the patterns of those associations in various types of environments. Here, we present trophic relationship patterns of the five aphid parasitoid species in crop and noncrop(More)
INTRODUCTION Correct choice of osteosynthesis method is a very important factor in providing the optimal conditions for appropriate healing of the fracture. There are still disagreements about the method of stabilization of some long bone fractures. Critically observed, no method of fracture fixation is ideal. Each osteosynthesis method has both advantages(More)
easily interpreted. The method is implemented iteratively in stages by using a treestructure (TS) initial-ization scheme [5] and the Iterated Conditional Modes (ICM) method [Z]. In the first stage, it is assumed that in the third three, and so on. After the completion of each stage, the best sequence is selected for that stage stages. If based on the(More)
A flexible manufacturing system is a high automated GT machine cell, consisting of a group of processing workstations (usually CNC machine tools), interconnected by an automated material handling and storage system, and controlled by a distributed computer system. The reason the FMS is called flexible is that it is capable of processing a variety of(More)
Apitol, with cymiazole hydrochloride as the active ingredient, is used in bee-keeping against the ectoparasitic mite Varroa destructor. The preparation was evaluated for genotoxicity in cultured human peripheral blood lymphocytes. Sister chromatid exchange, the mitotic index and the cell proliferation index were determined for three experimental(More)
The relationship between edaphic characteristics and vegetation growing on mine wastes in the Bor region (East Serbia, SE Europe) was studied using multivariate statistical analysis. The influence of edaphic factors on the composition of plant life-forms was also investigated, since it could reflect strategies for the avoidance of or tolerance to(More)
Systemic inflammatory response syndrome and sepsis are common in surgically treated patients. Systemic inflammatory response syndrome represents a major factor of morbidity and mortality in these patients. The pathogenesis of these syndromes has been increasingly clarified. The objective of this review is to present an overview of our current understanding(More)
Many studies have refuted the opinion that urban floras are poor in total species number and characterized primarily by neophytes. Also, it has been proved that urban flora differs from its surroundings, and at the same time reflects its richness. Our study focused on urban flora, structure and similarities, and the possible correlation with the urban(More)