Slobodan Brinić

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This paper represents, for the first time, scientific data as a part of monitoring air quality in the city of Split. The city has a problem with the air pollution mostly caused by anthropogenic activities and partly by natural origin activities. This study presents results of monthly and seasonal variations of NO2, SO2 and black-smoke as well as the(More)
Continuous-flow (CF) and flow-injection (FI) analysis using the fluoride ion-selective electrode (FISE) as detector have been investigated. The measurements were performed in a home-made cell under appropriate flow conditions (2.86 or 3.45mlmin(-1), 0.2ml samples, 10(-6)M sodium fluoride). The calibration graph was obtained by plotting the signal height(More)
Fluoride-selective electrode with LaF(3)-membrane and stainless steel internal contact has been prepared. The electrode has been tested in F(-) concentration range 10(-2)-10(-6) M and the results compared with those of commercial electrode and electrode with laboratory renewed internal electrolytic contact. The properties of simple disjoining solid-state(More)
The electrochemical behavior of folic acid (FA), at the electrochemically prepared ex situ bismuth film (BiF) on glassy carbon electrode, clearly indicates electrocatalytic nature of the prepared film toward FA reduction (at –0.55 V). Scanning electron microscopy is used for morphological characterization of the prepared BiF. Accordingly, we establishing an(More)
S,S'-bis(2-aminophenyl)ethanebis(thioate), (APhET), is reported as N2S2 ligand which form chelate with copper of high stability as compared to the other metals. Two modification of APhET, simpler 1,2-di-(o-aminophenylthio)ethane (DAPhTE), and the complex one 1,2-di-(o-salicylaldiminophenylthio)ethane (SAPhTE), were examined as the active material for(More)
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