Slobodan B. Marković

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Late Pleistocene loess-palaeosol sequences are widespread in the Vojvodina region, with thicknesses reaching a maximum of about 20 m. Our investigations include more than 40 of these loess sections. Geochronology of the last glacial loess-palaeosol sequences, based on lumines-cence dating and amino acid racemisation, provides correlations between Upper(More)
In this paper aesthetic experience is defined as an experience qualitatively different from everyday experience and similar to other exceptional states of mind. Three crucial characteristics of aesthetic experience are discussed: fascination with an aesthetic object (high arousal and attention), appraisal of the symbolic reality of an object (high cognitive(More)
Four loess units and three paleopedological layers are preserved in the ~ 8 m thick Petrovaradin exposure, Vojvodina, Serbia. Amino acid geochronology provides stratigraphic correlations between loess units L1 and L2 at Petrovaradin with loess of glacial cycles B and C, respectively, at other Central European localities. Magnetic susceptibility and(More)
[1] Four loess units and three paleosol layers are preserved in the Irig brickyard, Vojvodina, Serbia. Amino acid geochronology provides stratigraphic correlations between loess units V-L1 and V-L2 at the Irig section with loess of glacial cycles B and C, respectively, described from other central European localities. Luminescence dating results for the(More)
Visual illusions constitute an interesting perceptual phenomenon, but they also have an aesthetic and affective dimension. We hypothesized that the illusive nature itself causes the increased aesthetic and affective valence of illusions compared with their non-illusory counterparts. We created pairs of stimuli. One qualified as a standard visual illusion(More)
The present study investigated the relative contribution of four characteristics to attractiveness of the female body: waist-to-hip ratio (WHR), breasts, buttocks and thighs. Using a program for computer animation (DAZ 3D) 81 female figures were generated. Figures were created as combinations of 4 characteristics  3 equidistant sizes (small, medium and(More)
Judgments of female body attractiveness can be based on both structural and dynamic information. Structural information is specified by sizes of crucial female body characteristics, such as waist-to-hip ratio (WHR), breasts and buttocks: the lower the WHR and the larger the breasts and buttocks, the higher the femininity level. Dynamic information is(More)
The effects of uniformity, compactness and symmetry on pattern goodness estimates were evaluated in three experiments. Ss were asked to choose the pattern which looks the best in respect to other patterns from given set. Patterns within sets differed from each other in uniformity (Experiment 1), compactness (Experiment 2) and symmetry (Experiment 3).(More)
Loess-palaeosol sequences are valuable archives of past environmental changes. Although regional palaeoclimatic trends and conditions in Southeastern Europe have been inferred from loess sequences, large scale forcing mechanisms responsible for their formation have yet to be determined. Southeastern Europe is a climatically sensitive region, existing under(More)
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