Slimane Mekaoui

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In this paper the authors present an hybrid approach for the analysis of the optical filtering function in corrugated waveguide filters with a high index modulation. This approach is based on the hybridization of the extended couple mode theory (CMT) with the transfer matrix approach. The authors chose to treat the case of high index corrugation because in(More)
This paper deals with the underlining and the prominent display of the compensatory strategies developed by six speakers which are from different geographic regions when they express themselves in a second language very different from their mother native language. The paradigm that had been used in this study is the elocution speed as a speaking constraint(More)
This paper deals with a hybrid approach of the Kalman Filtering (Kalman) and the Hidden Markov Modeling (HMM). We have developed a hybrid algorithm between both modeling techniques for accurate estimation of the Traffic Matrix (TM) of a large IP Network (Abilene). This algorithm is entirely devoted to the precise estimation of the Traffic Matrix of the IP(More)
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