Slimane Doudou

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A practical approach that enables one to calculate the standard free energy of binding from a one-dimensional potential of mean force (PMF) is proposed. Umbrella sampling and the weighted histogram analysis method are used to generate a PMF along the reaction coordinate of binding. At each point, a restraint is applied orthogonal to the reaction coordinate(More)
The effect of benzene fluorination on C-H...pi interactions is studied using a number of computational methods applied to a range of intermolecular complexes. High level wavefunction methods (CCSD(T)) predict a slightly greater interaction energy for complexes of benzene with methane or fucose, compared to corresponding complexes involving(More)
Adsorption of actinyl ions onto mineral surfaces is one of the main mechanisms that control the migration of these ions in environmental systems. Here, we present computational classical molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to investigate the behavior of U(VI) in contact with different calcite surfaces. The calcium-uranyl-carbonate [Ca(2)UO(2)(CO(3))(3)](More)
The binding of a selection of competitive imidazo [1,2-b] pyridazine inhibitors of PIM-1 kinase with nanomolar activity has been analyzed using computational methods. Molecular dynamics simulations using umbrella sampling to determine a potential of mean force have been used to accurately predict the relative free energies of binding of these inhibitors,(More)
Carbonate anion exchange reactions with water in the uranyl-carbonate and calcium-uranyl-carbonate aqueous systems have been investigated using computational methods. Classical molecular dynamics (MD) simulations with the umbrella sampling technique were employed to determine potentials of mean force for the exchange reactions of water and carbonate. The(More)
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