Slimane Belbraouet

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OBJECTIVE To assess serum zinc and copper concentrations of elderly hospitalized patients with a broad range of diseases and compare their levels to those of healthy community dwelling controls of similar age. METHODS This case-control study compared serum zinc and copper levels of 668 hospitalized subjects, aged 70 or over, with 104 healthy controls of(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of fasting during Ramadan on certain serum components such as fasting serum glucose (FSG), glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides (TGs), high density lipoproteins (HDL-C), and low density lipoproteins (LDL-C) parameters in obese women patients with type 2 diabetes. METHODS We conducted the study(More)
AIM To assess the effect of Ramadan fasting on body weight and food consumption in type 2 diabetic obese women. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 276 outpatient women receiving oral antidiabetic drugs (OADs) (BMI = 34.63 +/- 3.29 kg/m(2)), aged 49 (+/-6 years), were selected. The study was carried out over three periods - before (T1: prefasting), during(More)
The aim of the study was to assess the nutritional status of a cohort of elderly people living independently at home. 314 elderly individuals were selected during general medicine examinations. The collection of nutritional data concerned the measurement of some anthropometric parameters (body weight, height, and BMI), the Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA)(More)
This study was carried out to determine the relationships between leptin concentrations, lipid alterations, oxidant/ antioxidant status, in vitro LDL oxidizability and LDL-fatty acid composition in overweight breast cancer patients. Glucose, insulin, leptin, lipids, LDL-cholesteryl ester fatty acids, markers of oxidant status (MDA, Hydroperoxides, carbonyl(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the prevalence of lifestyle risk factors (LRF) for chronic disease by family origin (FO) among children in multiethnic, low-income, urban neighborhoods. DESIGN Cross-sectional analysis. SETTING 16 elementary schools located in disadvantaged, multiethnic neighborhoods in Montreal, Canada. PARTICIPANTS 4659 schoolchildren aged(More)
This study assessed the anthropometric status of 451 hospitalised female patients aged 70 or over, at their admission to hospital, in reference to 77 healthy women of the same age. The most frequent diseases were circulatory diseases (40.8%), mental disorders (29.9%), respiratory diseases (12.4%), endocrine and metabolic diseases (11.5%), osteomuscular(More)
Background: The prevalence of overweight and obesity associated with oxidative stress and immune abnormalities is continuously increasing. Antioxidant supplementations might counteract potential damage caused by ROS to cellular tissues. Objective: To determine the role of vitamins on immune improvement during obesity, we investigated in vitro effects of(More)
Background: Malnutrition is common for elderly representing a major public health problem with many consequences for the health. Objectives: To assess the nutritional status of a population of elderly living at home. Subjects and Methods: The assessment was conducted from a population of elderly living at home who saw their doctor in the office of a public(More)
OBJECTIVE Individuals experiencing homelessness are particularly vulnerable to food insecurity. The At Home/Chez Soi study provides a unique opportunity to first examine baseline levels of food security among homeless individuals with mental illness and second to evaluate the effect of a Housing First (HF) intervention on food security in this population.(More)