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In this paper, the authors give a new model of squirrel-cage induction motors under stator and rotor faults. First, they study an original model that takes into account the effects of interturn faults resulting in the shorting of one or more circuits of stator-phase winding. They introduce, thus, additional parameters to explain the fault in the three(More)
In this paper, the authors propose a novel control strategy of active filters. The adopted filter consists of one parallel active filter. The control is introduced to allow active filtering of load harmonics and active damping. When connected in power grid, the complete system is adjusted to prevent the risk of resonance as well as harmonic filtering. A(More)
The simultaneous observation of rotor flux and angular speed in induction motor drive is subject to unstability problems, especially in regenerating mode. Many solutions have been proposed in the literature. In this article, an optimal observer design is proposed in order to reduce the unstability region to a simple line in the torque/speed plane
In this paper, authors proposes a new monitoring technique of inter turns short circuit windings under fixed speed. This method is based on introduction of sinusoidal extra-signals to input voltage delivered by power inverter. For diagnosis, we proposed model of squirrel cage induction motors under stator faults. This model takes into account the effects of(More)
This paper proposes an original, simple, and fast permanent magnet synchronous generator model implemented with a new conception on the graphic interface of MATLAB/Simulink environment. The obtained physical model suggests a new way to easily carry out different types of stator faults such as interturns short-circuit faults, phase-to-phase faults, and(More)
The authors propose a new diagnosis method for on-line broken bars detection by parameters estimation. For predictive detection, Kalman filtering algorithm has been adapted to take into account the on-line parameters deviations in faulty case. Within the framework of the diagnosis of the rotor defects, it is difficult to conduct experimental tests to(More)
The aim of this work is to present an original experimental method which allow to estimate the electrical and magnetic parameters of a synchronous generator described by a Park model. This method does not need to perform particular electrical engineering tests in order to obtain the machine parameter values. So, the parameter estimates are deduced from(More)
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