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In this paper, we propose an Arabic Question-Answering (Q-A) system called QASAL «Question -Answering system for Arabic Language». QASAL accepts as an input a natural language question written in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and generates as an output the most efficient and appropriate answer. The proposed system is composed of three modules:(More)
This paper presents a cascade of morpho-syntactic tools to deal with Arabic natural language processing. It begins with the description of a large coverage formalization of the Arabic lexicon. The built electronic dictionary, named "El-DicAr", which stands for “Electronic Dictionary for Arabic”, links inflectional, morphological, and syntactic-semantic(More)
Since 2006 we have undertaken to describe the differences between 17th century English and contemporary English thanks to NLP software. Studying a corpus spanning the whole century (tales of English travellers in the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century, Mary Astell's essay A Serious Proposal to the Ladies and other literary texts) has enabled us to highlight(More)
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