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In this paper, we propose an Arabic Question-Answering (Q-A) system called QASAL «Question -Answering system for Arabic Language». QASAL accepts as an input a natural language question written in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and generates as an output the most efficient and appropriate answer. The proposed system is composed of three modules:(More)
Cet article décrit un système de construction du lexique et d'analyse morphologique pour l'arabe standard. Ce système profite des apports des modèles à états finis au sein de l'environnement linguistique de développement NooJ pour traiter aussi bien les textes voyellés que les textes partiellement ou non voyellés. Il se base sur une analyse morphologique(More)
Since 2006 we have undertaken to describe the differences between 17th century English and contemporary English thanks to NLP software. Studying a corpus spanning the whole century (tales of English travellers in the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century, Mary Astell's essay A Serious Proposal to the Ladies and other literary texts) has enabled us to highlight(More)
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