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We report on the creation of a database composed of images of Arabic Printed words. The purpose of this database is the large-scale benchmarking of open-vocabulary, multi-font, multi-size and multi-style text recognition systems in Arabic. The challenges that are addressed by the database are in the variability of the sizes, fonts and style used to generate(More)
In this paper, we propose a new font and size identification method for ultra-low resolution Arabic word images using a stochastic approach. The literature has proved the difficulty for Arabic text recognition systems to treat multi-font and multi-size word images. This is due to the variability induced by some font family, in addition to the inherent(More)
This first competition used the freely available Arabic Printed Text Image (APTI) database. Several research groups have started using the APTI database and this year, 2 groups with 3 systems are participating in the competition. The systems are compared using the recognition rates at the character and word levels. The systems were tested on one test(More)
We propose an approach to stemming Arabic words similar to the approach of Khoja, but with two dictionaries, one of roots and another of radicals. Our approach has the advantage of reducing the words that are inspired by their radicals to their radical and words which are inspired by their roots to their roots with great reliability and consistency and(More)
The discrimination between languages is one of the first steps in the problem of automatic documents text recognition. In many documents, such as bank checks and application forms, printed and handwritten texts are mixed. In this paper, an automatic identification system of Arabic and French words in both handwritten and printed script based on Gaussian(More)
—Standard databases play essential roles for evaluating and comparing results obtained by different groups of researchers. In this paper, an Arabic Handwritten Text Images Database written by Multiple Writers (AHTID/MW) is introduced. This database can be used for research in the recognition of Arabic handwritten text with open vocabulary, word segmentation(More)