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Navigating complex routes and finding objects of interest are challenging tasks for the visually impaired. The project NAVIG (Navigation Assisted by artificial VIsion and GNSS) is directed toward increasing personal autonomy via a virtual augmented reality system. The system integrates an adapted geographic information system with different classes of(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the immediate causes of death, in autopsied demented and non-demented elderly. DESIGN Retrospective clinicopathologic correlations. SETTING Acute and intermediate care geriatric hospital. PARTICIPANTS 342 hospitalized demented and non-demented elderly (mean age 84.94 +/- 6.9 years) who underwent consecutive postmortem(More)
Participatory Design is a process for the design of interactive systems integrating the user in all design phases. However it is based on the assumption that users are in possess of their full physical capabilities, in particular the visual sense, and thus is for the most part not adapted for working with visually impaired people. In this article we present(More)
Maintaining orientation while traveling in complex or unknown environments is a challenging task for visually impaired (VI) pedestrians. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to assist blind people during navigation between waypoints (walk straight) with tactors on their wrists. Our main goal is to decrease the cognitive load needed by blind people to(More)
The vast majority of existing route selection processes is designed for vehicle navigation. In this paper we describe an adapted routing algorithm for visually impaired pedestrians based on users needs. Our aim was to find the most adapted route that connects origin and destination points, and which can provide the Blind with a sparse but helpful mental(More)
Well understanding guidance instructions when using an electronic orientation aids is vital for people with visual impairments to reach destinations or avoid obstacles and hazards. In this paper we describes a study about how to make use of a tactile sole with 5 vibrators to present spatial information for visually impaired people while using an electronic(More)