Slim Boumaiza

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In this paper, we propose a novel real-valued time-delay neural network (RVTDNN) suitable for dynamic modeling of the baseband nonlinear behaviors of third-generation (3G) base-station power amplifiers (PA). Parameters (weights and biases) of the proposed model are identified using the back-propagation algorithm, which is applied to the input and output(More)
A new Doherty amplifier configuration with an intrinsically broadband characteristic is presented based on the synthesis of key ideas derived from the analyses of the load modulation concept and the conventional Doherty amplifier. Important building blocks to implement the proposed Doherty amplifier structure are outlined, which include the quasi-lumped(More)
This paper proposes a frequency-agile Doherty amplifier capable of efficiently amplifying multiband wireless signals located at widely spaced frequencies. Starting with the study of the load modulation concept in the Doherty technique and the various frequency-dependent components involved in its realization, this paper suggests a simplified and effective(More)
This paper expounds a three-way Doherty power amplifier (3W-DPA) as a solution to the need for high-efficiency wideband power amplifiers when driven by multi-standard signals. The paper begins with a theoretical analysis of 3W-DPA architecture from which the governing equations are derived. This analysis enables the identification of circuit parameters for(More)
<?Pub Dtl?>In this paper, we present a mixed-technology extended Doherty amplifier using asymmetrical voltage biasing with an LDMOS main device and a GaN auxiliary device to improve the power utilization factor of the amplifier. Moreover, in contrast to previous work, the amplifier can achieve reconfigurable back-off power ranges and an extended bandwidth(More)
This paper presents a high efficiency class-E power amplifier (PA) suitable for wireless transmitters operating at 2 GHz. Compact impedance transformation network is designed, using micro-strip transmission lines, so that it simultaneously achieves fundamental load transformation and harmonic impedance control using only two open-circuit stubs (2fo, 3fo).(More)
In this paper, an augmented lookup-table-based Hammerstein predistorter is proposed for the first time in order to further improve the pre-correction capability of the traditional Hammerstein predistorter in the context of broad-band high-power wireless transmitters. The predistorter scheme consists of two separate modules, and its parameters are determined(More)
In this paper, a novel two hidden layers artificial neural network (2HLANN) model is proposed to predict the dynamic nonlinear behavior of wideband RF power amplifiers (PAs). Starting with a generic low-pass equivalent circuit of the PA, several circuit transformations are applied in order to build an appropriate artificial neural network structure and(More)
This paper proposes a digital signal-processing-based approach suitable for the performance optimization of third-generation (3G) amplifiers in terms of spectrum and power. A peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) reduction method, which is coding and modulation independent, based on peak clipping and digital filtering techniques, is proposed. Moreover, the(More)