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The huge number of association rules represent the main hamper that a decision maker faces. In order to bypass this hamper, an efficient selection of rules has to be performed. Since selection is necessarily based on evaluation, many interestingness measures have been proposed. However, the abundance of these measures gave rise to a new problem, namely the(More)
The increasing growth of databases raises an urgent need for more accurate methods to better understand the stored data. In this scope, association rules were extensively used for the analysis and the comprehension of huge amounts of data. However, the number of generated rules is too large to be efficiently analyzed and explored in any further process.(More)
In association rules mining, current trend is witnessing the emergence of a growing number of works toward bringing negative items to light in the mined knowledge. However, the amount of the extracted rules is huge, thus not feasible in practice. In this paper, we propose to extract a subset of generalized association rules (i.e., association rules with(More)
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