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Mosaicing is connecting two or more images and making a new wide area image with no visible seam-lines. Several algorithms have been proposed to construct mosaics from image sequence where the camera motion is more or less complex. Most of these methods are based either on the interest points matching or on theoretical corner models. This paper describes a(More)
This paper explores a robust region-based general framework for discriminating between background and foreground objects within a complex video sequence. The proposed framework works under difficult conditions such as dynamic background and nominally moving camera. The originality of this work lies essentially in our use of the semantic information provided(More)
— The research presented in this paper deals with the development of a new method for morphological number enumeration for planar pin-jointed driving mechanisms. It is based on geometrical symmetries of kinematic chains and combinatorial analysis. Pairs of groups of mutually symmetrical mechanisms are detected. The restricting criteria are the position of:(More)
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