Slawomir Solecki

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This paper presents a logical system in which various group-level epistemic actions are incorporated into the object language. That is, we consider the standard modeling of knowledge among a set of agents by multi-modal Kripke structures. One might want to consider actions that take place, such as announcements to groups privately, announcements with(More)
We study the structure of analytic ideals of subsets of the natural numbers. For example. we prove that for an analytic ideal I, either the ideal {X c w x CO: 3n X ~(0, 1.. ,n} x o} is Rudin-Keisler below I, or Z is very simply induced by a lower semicontinuous submeasure. Also, we show that the class of ideals induced in this manner by lsc submeasures(More)
We prove that arbitrary homomorphisms from one of the groups Homeo(2), Homeo(2), Aut(Q, <), Homeo(R) or Homeo(S) into a separable group are automatically continuous. This has consequences for the representations of these groups as discrete groups. For example, it follows, in combination with a result of V. G. Pestov, that any action of the discrete group(More)