Slawomir Jaroslaw Nasuto

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BACKGROUND The analysis of the Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) is of fundamental importance to the investigation of the auditory system behaviour, though its interpretation has a subjective nature because of the manual process employed in its study and the clinical experience required for its analysis. When analysing the ABR, clinicians are often(More)
Stroke is a medical emergency and can cause a neurological damage, affecting the motor and sensory systems. Harnessing brain plasticity should make it possible to reconstruct the closed loop between the brain and the body, i.e., association of the generation of the motor command with the somatic sensory feedback might enhance motor recovery. In order to aid(More)
Cortical cultures grown long-term on multi-electrode arrays (MEAs) are frequently and extensively used as models of cortical networks in studies of neuronal firing activity, neuropharmacology, toxicology and mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity. However, in contrast to the predominantly asynchronous neuronal firing activity exhibited by intact cortex,(More)
A low cost, compact embedded design approach for actuating soft robots is presented. The complete design and mode of operation was demonstrated, and the production of the complete system was also demonstrated by building a microcontroller based hardware system which was used to actuate a soft robot for bending motion. The whole system including the(More)
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Brain Computer Interface (BCI) could be used as an effective tool for active engagement of patients in motor rehabilitation by enabling them to initiate the movement by sending the command to BCI directly via their brain. In this paper, we have developed a BCI using novel EEG analysis to control a Virtual Reality avatar and a Soft Robotics rehabilitation(More)
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