Slawomir Jaroslaw Nasuto

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It is generally assumed that the variability of neuronal morphology has an important effect on both the connectivity and the activity of the nervous system, but this effect has not been thoroughly investigated. Neuroanatomical archives represent a crucial tool to explore structure-function relationships in the brain. We are developing computational tools to(More)
The Stochastic Diffusion Search (SDS) was developed as a solution to the best-fit search problem. Thus, as a special case it is capable of solving the transform invariant pattern recognition problem. SDS is efficient and, although inherently probabilistic, produces very reliable solutions in widely ranging search conditions. However, to date a systematic(More)
The paper describes the implementation of an offline, low-cost Brain Computer Interface (BCI) alternative to more expensive commercial models. Using inexpensive general purpose clinical EEG acquisition hardware (Truscan32, Deymed Diagnostic) as the base unit, a synchronisation module was constructed to allow the EEG hardware to be operated precisely in time(More)
Dynamic soundtrack creation presents various practical and aesthetic challenges to composers working with games. This paper presents an implementation of a system addressing some of these challenges with an affectively-driven music generation algorithm based on a second order Markov-model. The system can respond in real-time to emotional trajectories(More)
For the advent of pervasive bio-potential monitoring, it will be necessary to utilize a combination of cheap, quick to apply, low-noise electrodes and compact electronics with wireless technologies. Once available, all electrical activity resulting from the processes of the human body could be actively and constantly monitored without the need for(More)
A three way collaboration between industry and two UK universities led to the development of an intelligent spend analysis system. In this paper we outline how a novel combination of the ‘Decision Tree’ and ‘Bayesian Classifier’ algorithms, working with ‘big data’ on a real world e-procurement problem, led to the development of sophisticated, A.I. driven,(More)
A low cost, compact embedded design approach for actuating soft robots is presented. The complete design and mode of operation was demonstrated, and the production of the complete system was also demonstrated by building a microcontroller based hardware system which was used to actuate a soft robot for bending motion. The whole system including the(More)
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