Slavko Milekic

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The focus of the paper is a proposal advanced by Grodzinsky (1984, 1986, 1990) concerning a possible syntactic deficit in agrammatism with respect to nonlexical categories. Eight native speakers of Serbo-Croatian, who presented a clinical picture of Broca's aphasia with agrammatism, were tested. Subjects' sensitivity to traces and their knowledge of the(More)
The introduction and acceptance of any new technology by the general public goes through a stage during which the capabilities of the new technology are tested and measured against traditional procedures. During this process the new technology is often used in a manner similar to and with the constraints characteristic of the traditional procedures, even if(More)
Although art appreciation / exploration is essentially a private experience, it cannot exist outside of a social context. Digital environments offer great potential for the enhancement of collaborative aspects of both art creation and art exploration. However, the current notion of a digital environment is vague and most often associated with the(More)
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