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Computer systems and networks suffer due to rapid increase of attacks, and in order to keep them safe from malicious activities or policy violations, there is need for effective security monitoring systems, such as Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Many researchers concentrate their efforts on this area using different approaches to build reliable(More)
In this paper, we present a mathematical background for a new approach for performances modeling of interconnection networks, based on analyzing the packet blocking and waiting time spent in each channel passing through all possible paths in the channel dependency graph. We have proposed a new, simple and very accurate analytical model for deterministic(More)
A new national backbone is in development, based predominantly on the optical infrastructure of Telekom Serbia. It will connect 19 towns in Serbia in a Gbps network by the end of 2004. The basic concept is to avoid any active components belonging to the telecom operator, by using the " nothing in line " concept. There are exceptions to that concept in cases(More)
The challenge to which the encryption of multimedia data needs to respond is ensuring the security of data intensive video stream in an efficient way. Unlike full data encryption, selective encryption manages to achieve this by encrypting only a part of the data stream, while providing a satisfactory level of video security. This optimizes the processing(More)
Ensuring high-quality service for end-users, over multiple interconnected networks, is central to the aims and approach of SEEREN2, the next generation of the SouthEastern European segment of the pan-European Research and Education Network (GEANT2). Management teams can greatly benefit from the exploitation of reliable and consistent performance monitoring(More)
The Turn model routing algorithms for mesh interconnection network achieve partial adaptivity without any virtual channels. However, the routing performance measured by simulations is worse than with the simple deterministic routing algorithm. Authors have explained these results simply by uneven dynamic load through the network. However, this phenomenon(More)
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