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(E)-4-aryl-4-oxo-2-butenoic acid amides, chalcone-aroylacrylic acid chimeras: design, antiproliferative activity and inhibition of tubulin polymerization.
Antiproliferative activity of twenty-nine (E)-4-aryl-4-oxo-2-butenoic acid amides against three human tumor cell lines (HeLa, FemX, and K562) is reported. Compounds showed antiproliferative activityExpand
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Histological characteristics and markers of proliferation and differentiation in rat brain with experimental glioma.
BACKGROUND/AIM The cell line C6 is a continuous cell line of rat glioma and, as a transplantable line, is frequently used for induction into in vivo model of primary brain tumor. It is believed that,Expand
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Pressure sensitive paints: New possibility of flow visualization
The description of the new method for flow visualization and surface pressure distribution measurement, based on emulsions named pressure sensitive paints - PSP, are given in this paper. These paintsExpand
Historic building's holistic and sustainable deep energy refurbishment via BPS, energy efficiency and renewable energy—A case study
Abstract This paper recognizes the synergetic relationship and inextricable linkage between conservation and sustainability. Heritage preservation maximizes the use of existing materials andExpand
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Multidisciplinary research method for designing and selection of bio-inspired profiles in the conceptual designing stage
A multidisciplinary research method was employed with the intention to create a series of bio-inspired flattened airfoils, observe their aerodynamic characteristics, and analyse their applicabilityExpand
CFD Analysis of the Influence of Centrifugal Separator Geometry Modification on the Pulverized Coal Distribution at the Burners
This paper presents the results of 3D numerical flow simulation in the ventilation mill (VM) and air mixture channel (AMC) of Kostolac B power plant, where a centrifugal separator with adjustableExpand
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Optical methods in wind tunnel flow visualization
This paper reports the application of optical methods: shadow, schlieren and holographic interferometry in wind tunnel flow visualization. Some examples obtained in the MTI wind tunnels areExpand
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Numerical analysis of rotational speed impact on mixing process in a horizontal twin-shaft paddle batch mixer with non-Newtonian fluid
Nowadays, the priority of food industry processes is based on mixing of the various flavour pastes with the air. Optimal mixing process in the results means the instantaneous preparation of theExpand
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