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The Position of Honorary Council of Notary in Coaching Indonesian Notaries
The Honorary Council of Notary is formed by the Ministry in which its function is to develop notarial skills in performing their duty. As the part of state administration department, all acts areExpand
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Corporate responsibility for environmental crime in Indonesia
According to Indonesian law, corporations involve in environmental crime can be held accountable, and may be subject to criminal sanctions. Criminal sanctions can be imposed against those who giveExpand
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Urgency of Determination of Regional Cultural Reservoir Cultural Results in the Process of Criminal Measurement of the Storage of Cultural Reserve Culture in Indonesia (In Perspective of Law Number
Crime theft of Cultural Heritage objects on the site or museum is a legal problem that occurred in Indonesia and became an international concern with the issuance of International Convention No.Expand
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Legal Protection of Resigning Workers' Right Over Separation Pay Compensation in Justice Perspective
Labor law in Indonesia has not comprehensively provided protection for the rights of resigning workers qualification. Since provisions of labor law does not mention the amount of separation pay forExpand
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Filling the Governor's Position and the Governor's Representative Special Region of Yogyakarta
Regional autonomy is a follow-up to the implementation of the theory of democracy that was applied through the theory of decentralization. This means that regional autonomy itself is born fromExpand
Confidentiality and Public Information: Resolving Administrative Dispute about Public Information Disclosure
Recognition of citizens' rights to information disclosure on the one hand, and the obligation for the State Administration Officials to convey information openly to the public is two things that areExpand
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Characteristics and the Constitutionality Test of the Property of the People’s Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia
This study focuses on analyzing and finding answers to the characteristic questions of the MPR Decree and the Institutions authorized to carry out the constitutionality test of the MPR Tap. Then thisExpand
The Existence of Tax Court in Indonesia Judicial System
Tax Court was organized based on Act No. 14/2002 as the implementation of judicature power authorized to solve taxation lawsuits. The existence of Tax Court, following the explanation of Article 27Expand
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Independence of Constitutional Court Judgment in Reaching Justice Law
The Constitutional Court is a state institution formed based on Article 24C of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, which contains 6 paragraphs. The Constitutional Court has 4 (four)Expand