Sladjana Jovanovic

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Recent experimental and clinical studies have demonstrated that several pulsed laser systems are also suitable for stapedotomy. The aim of the study was to investigate morphological and functional inner ear changes after irradiating the basal turn of the guinea pig cochlea with two pulsed laser systems of different wavelengths. The Er:YSGG (lambda=2.78 mcm)(More)
Objectives. This paper analyses temporal dependency in the time series recorded from aging rats, the healthy ones and those with early developed hypertension. The aim is to explore effects of age and hypertension on mutual sample relationship along the time axis. Methods. A copula method is applied to raw and to differentially coded signals. The latter ones(More)
The magnitudes of the mercury anomaly found in unequilibrated meteorites appear to fit a trend. The excesses in the ratios of mercury-202 to mercury-196 are related by simple multiplication factors. This periodicity may be interpreted in terms of the mode of production and ejection of the anomalous isotope from a stellar source.
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