Sladjana Benkovic

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Despite recognition that iron is important for normal neurological function, the proteins involved in maintaining iron homeostasis within the brain have until recently received little attention. In the past few years, studies aimed at determining both general and cellular control of iron in the brain have increased. Histological studies indicate that(More)
Ferritin is the major iron storage protein and accounts for the majority of the iron in the brain. Thus, ferritin is a key component in protecting the brain from iron induced oxidative damage. The high lipid content, high rate of oxidative metabolism, and high iron content combine to make the brain the organ most susceptible to oxidative stress. The role of(More)
Iron is necessary for normal neural function but it must be stringently regulated to avoid iron-induced oxidative injury. The regulation of systemic iron is through the proteins transferrin (iron mobilization) and ferritin (iron sequestration). This study examines the cellular and regional distribution of iron and the iron-related proteins ferritin and(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Serbian banking sector Financial performance Fuzzy logic Multi-criteria decision-making methods FAHP TOPSIS Banks represent entities of the financial market and the overall system for financing of the economy, i.e. they are directly or indirectly becoming the drivers and control mechanism of the financial system without which(More)
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