Sladana Josilo

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The growing popularity of mobile multimedia content and the increase of wireless access bitrates are straining backhaul capacity in mobile networks. A cost-effective solution to reduce the strain, enabled by emerging all-IP 4G and 5G mobile backhaul architectures, could be in-network caching of popular content during times of peak demand. In this paper we(More)
Offloading computation to a mobile cloud is a promising solution to augment the computation capabilities of mobile devices. In this paper we consider selfish mobile devices in a dense wireless network, in which individual mobile devices can offload computations via multiple access points (APs) to a mobile cloud so as to minimize their computation costs, and(More)
Starting from the well-known uniform filter bank multicarrier (FBMC) format with Nyquist spectral shaping of frequency-limited orthogonal (FLO) subchannels and its dual time-frequency, time-limited orthogonal (TLO) form, we introduce an orthogonal frequency division multiplex of nonuniformly spaced subchannels with unequal width. The orthogonality(More)
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