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Is schizophrenia due to excessive synaptic pruning in the prefrontal cortex? The Feinberg hypothesis revisited.
Several lines of evidence support the notion that a substantial reorganization of cortical connections, involving a programmed synaptic pruning, takes place during adolescence in humans. A review ofExpand
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Impedance Transforming 3-Db 90° Hybrids
Design techniques and performance results for impedance transforming 3-dB 90° hybrids are presented. A broadband hybrid with 50- to 20-Omega impedance transformation has been realized by tandemExpand
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A parametric approach to population bioequivalence.
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Chapter 5—The Westinghouse Electric Corporation Reactor Vessel Radiation Surveillance Program
Westinghouse recognized that the disruption of the atomic lattice of metals by collision from energetic neutrons could alter the properties of the metals to such an extent that the changes could beExpand
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Style and production changes across ages in Merino sheep.
Effects of age and reproductive performance on measured and visually assessed style traits were investigated for 2817 Merino ewes in the QPLU$ project. Phenotypic correlations between hoggetExpand
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