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A polymerase-chain-reaction-based detection system for Mycoplasma fermentans was established. The highly conserved tuf gene, which encodes elongation factor Tu of prokaryotes, served as target sequence for the PCR. With two PCR oligodeoxynucleotides, which were selected from M. fermentans specific sequences of the tuf gene, we amplified a 850 base pair DNA(More)
End hosts in today's Internet have the best knowledge of the type of traffic they should receive, but they play no active role in traffic engineering. Traffic engineering is conducted by ISPs, which unfortunately are blind to specific user needs. End hosts are therefore subject to unwanted traffic, particularly from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)(More)
Enhanced safety of flexible batteries is an imperative objective due to the intimate interaction of such devices with human organs such as flexible batteries that are integrated with touch-screens or embedded in clothing or space suits. In this study, the fabrication and testing of a high performance thin-film Li-ion battery (LIB) is reported that is both(More)
Distributed reflective denial of service (DRDoS) attacks, especially those based on UDP reflection and amplification, can generate hundreds of gigabits per second of attack traffic, and have become a significant threat to Internet security. In this paper we show that an attacker can further make the DRDoS attack more dangerous. In particular, we describe a(More)
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