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GRUNDLAGEN: Schwere Krankheit und Gewebeschäden aktivieren eine homeostatische Kaskade, um den Schaden zu limitieren und die Heilung zu aktivieren. METHODIK: Übersicht zu immunmodulierender Ernährung bei kritisch Kranken und Schwerverletzten. ERGEBNISSE: Zunehmend verstehen wir die metabolischen Veränderungen bei kritisch Kranken und Schwerverletzten und(More)
CONFLICT OF INTEREST NONE DECLARED Choledochal cyst is a congenital cystic dilation of a part of bile duct that occurs most commonly in the main part of common bile duct. Diagnosis of choledochal cyst is concluded upon disproportionate expansion of extrahepatic bile duct. Symptom trias are: abdominal pain, jaundice and abdominal mass represent clinical(More)
Facial burns are generally considered severe. This is due to the possibility of respiratory complications. First responders check the nostrils for singed hairs. In severe cases there may be soot around the nose and mouth and coughing may produce phlegm that includes ash. Facial and inhalational burns compromise airways. They pose difficulties in(More)
BACKGROUND Colorectal carcinoma is second commonest cancer causing death in Kosova. METHODOLOGY In our study we present diagnostic methods, treatment, localization and laboratory findings in 155 patients, during 4 year period in patients with colorectal carcinomas treated in our clinic. RESULTS Ninety four 94 (61.4%) of patients were male gender and 59(More)
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