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In organ transplantation, the composition of the B-cell compartment is increasingly identified as an important determinant for graft outcome. Whereas naïve and transitional B cells have been associated with long-term allograft survival and operational tolerance, memory B cells have been linked to decreased allograft survival. Alemtuzumab induction therapy(More)
To investigate possible changes following lung transplantation, the structure and in vitro ciliary beat frequency (CBF) of airway epithelium from the cytology brushings of 9 heart-lung (HLT) and 5 single-lung (SLT) transplant recipients were examined. The CBF of brushings taken proximal and distal to the anastomosis was measured 2-10 months following(More)
We report a 65-year-old woman who manifested with progressive cognitive impairment, abnormal behavior, slurred speech, inability to carry out activities with right upper limb, gait disturbances, emotional liability, and double incontinence that evolved progressively over the last 8 months. A clinical syndrome of "rapidly progressive dementia" was(More)
Background HIV-1 subtype-C strains are associated with more than half the infections globally. The molecular nature of the viral subtypes circulating in India is not adequately characterized. In the largest study ever to appear from India, we recently reported a predominance of subtype-C infections in the southern states of the country (Siddappa N.B et al(More)
Epilepsy is one of the most prevalent neurological disorders affecting ~1% of the population. Medial temporal lobe epilepsy (MTLE) is the most frequent type of epilepsy observed in adults who do not respond to pharmacological treatment. The reason for intractability in these patients has not been systematically studied. Further, no markers are available(More)
HIV is no longer an absolute contraindication to solid organ transplantation. However, few reports have been published with regards to pancreas or simultaneous pancreas kidney transplantation in the HIV-positive recipient. We report, to our knowledge, the first simultaneous pancreas kidney transplantation (SPK) performed in an HIV-positive patient in the(More)
Objective: Mesial temporal sclerosis with associated extra hippocampal pathology is considered ‘dual pathology’ that could influence the progression and clinical outcome of complex partial seizures. This study is undertaken to evaluate and compare the clinical outcome and pathology of the temporal lobe and hippocampus in cases of mesial temporal sclerosis(More)
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